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Downfallrpg is a Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII crossover rpg. A link to the master list of everything so far in chronological order can be found below the Briefings list.

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A.N.G.E.L.S. # 41269 [userpic]
KH: Spectrum (*NEW STORY* for Tanoshi_ame): Adrian (part 2/2)

Ficcage: Kingdom Hearts with some Future Final Fantasy VIII
Rating: R for swearing and violent children
Pairing: None yet
Warning: Swearing, Cloud abuse, "Adrian" abuse, Zack abuse... abuse everywhere and there is Kairi if she scares you
Writers: (since there are now two sets) nikavia and xuxavier, who has never used her lj before except to use the storage for pictures... to use on other sites...

Present for tanoshi_ame. Based off another present for her, Spectrum, a one shot that she said she wanted to see an entire fic spawn from. So here it is... starting with a super long prologue.

Hope you like it. It is a bit serious but it needed to be... Humor will return very shortly as... well that is what we wanted... funny and then very very serious plot progression... but about 66.6% funny.

Title: Spectrum

Prologue: Adrian 2/2

As far as Adrian could gather from first survailence, the two other males in the courtyard appeared to be in some awkward fight to try to earn attractive mates. Which was a bit pathetic because everyone (minus Cid) had barely suffered through a humiliating voice crack yet. And said potential mates seemed to be more interested in… were they making flower chains? And giggling? Adrian was a bit disturbed by the scene in front of him. There were practically borders around the picturesque setting, with flowers and bunnies.

The two males looked about his age, the dark haired one maybe slightly older in appearance while the blond was slightly younger. They appeared to be fighting with wooden swords while randomly stopping to pose, dramatically, with the sun glistening off their non-existent muscles that were covered in very existent sweat.

The two girls were sitting a short distance away, looking over and giggling on occasion while they worked on their far too long flower chains. One of them, puberty was already being kind to, with ample cleavage that made it look like she was going to topple over any minute. The other looked like she had stepped out of a story book… She had a ribbon in her hair… A large one… A large PINK one.

Adrian turned to Cid and said flatly. “I want to leave. Now.” Cid laughed loudly, once again attacking Adrian’s head with his hand.

“Hell no kiddo. Do it now then you can retreat.”

Unfortunatly for Adrian, Cid’s laughter was loud, the man was tall and he as with a new person. All eyes now focused on the newcomer.

“Now can I retreat?” Adrian asked sarcastically to the quiet courtyard.

“Retreat?” Oh he and the two other boys were not going to be friends he could tell already. Luckily everyone had decided to put on their shirts now. “What kind of man retreats?”

“Technically,” Adrian said coldly, meeting the dark haired one’s gaze. “You and I are not men yet, unless describing the ability to reproduce. Though I doubt either of us are capable of maintaining the wellbeing of anything that should result from said reproduction.” The other boy opened his mouth to retort but Adrian cut him off, “And if you are referring to our future selves, obviously, an intelligent person retreats when they are outnumbered, outclassed, outdone, or out of their element. And before you make a witty and smirk filled self glorifying comment, I am out of my element and outnumbered. But definitely not outclassed.”

Cid was starting to snicker as Adrian gave a polite fake smile.

“Though an incredible jerk,” The blond decided to voice his input, the pitch in his voice placing him not as far along in puberty.

“Only when provoked,” Adrian replied coolly. Moments later he realized that was a terrible mistake as he heard dreamy sighs and giggles. “Oh fuck.”

The sighing and giggles was almost worth it to watch the blond almost swallow his tongue upon hearing the swear word. Adrian crossed his arms over his chest, smirking slightly at the blond before stealing himself for the inevitable….

“Hi, my name is Tifa Lockhart,” said Formerly Miss-Puberty-Is-Awesome. She smiled at him brightly, moving to hold out her hand to shake. Miss-Distracting-Head-Accessory was not to be outdone and skipped up next to Tifa, also holding out her hand.

“Hello, my name is Aerith Gainsborough,” she said with a sweet smile. He looked at both of their hands for a moment. He turned to face both of them, stood up straight and gave them a polite bow before reaching out with both hands to awkwardly shake theirs.

“It is a pleasure to meet you,” He said with another fake smile. This caused another explosion of giggles and blushes. Adrian, in all honesty, had no idea what was wrong with them. He was by far the least attractive of the three pre-teens in the courtyard, with slept on hair and a huge facial scar. The other two looked like they actually cared as well. The blond also looked a bit like a girl, which was in… wasn’t it?... Where did that come from?

At that moment something very fast and small hit him in the side, forcing him to adjust his stance, hands reaching out to grab what hit him. He found himself looking down at a girl who couldn’t be older than 9, with a gap tooth smile and large eyes.

“Hello,” Adrian said after a moment. Her smile widened and she clasped at him, causing him to instinctively lean down and pick her up so she rested on his hip, even though she had to be at least half his weight.

“Hello! My name is Yuffie and I’m a Ninja!” she squealed excitedly. Adrian favored her with a real smile.

“Hello Yuffie. You are a very good ninja, I didn’t notice you at all.” That comment made her happy enough to fling her arms around his neck in an awkward hug.

“You are going to be my wife,” Yuffie declared to him seriously when she pulled back. There was a snort of laughter from the male audience but Adrian took the announcement in stride.

“Well sweetie I think you might have to be the wife,” he said with a placating smile.

“Nope! I’m a ninja, you are my wife.”

“Oh silly me I forgot all about my ninja history with the blow to the head. Of course I would be the wife. Though I must warn you, he thinks I am a jerk,” Adrian gestured towards the blond with his elbow.

“Don’t care. Cloudy is just jealous because I asked you to be my wife before he could ask you.” Birds cheeped innocently in the background.

“Oh,” Adrian couldn’t resist. If that was the way ‘Cloudy’ swung, he didn’t care but this was too easy. “That would explain the shirtless sword fighting.”

The smirk returned to his face after a moment when ‘Cloudy’ roared (as best as his still sorta squeaky voice could).

“You attack me when I have a child in my arms and I will beat the shit out of you with your own arms,” Adrian warned as ‘Cloudy’ and unnamed dark haired preteen stepped towards him.

“You said a bad word,” Yuffie said in shock.

“Comes with being a jerk. Now you better not start swearing. Do as I say not as I do alright?” Adrian said seriously, waiting until Yuffie nodded. “Good girl.”

“Boys, introduce yourselves to the competition,” Cid commanded gleefully. Adrian didn’t flitch away from the harsh glares, though really, the blonde couldn’t glare worth shit with his baby-fat enriched face.

“I do not know if I am worthy of being called competition in some area’s sir,” Adrian said with a small smirk. The two boys seemed to take that as an admission of being substandard and immediately returned to their former cocky glory.

“I’m Zack Fair,” the dark one said, standing so he stood a whole two inches about Adrian. For some reason, Adrian wasn’t intimidated at all. He gave a nod in greeting, as Yuffie was still clinging to him like a monkey.

“And I’m Cloud Strife. I’m sure you’ve seen the statue of the Keyblade Bearer? Before someone destroyed it. Well I’m the prime candidate for the position.” Ah… So he was the one that Ansem had previously bestowed the Great Honor on. The only redeeming part of that declaration is that Cloud Strife did not gloat during this announcement, merely included it in his introduction. Zack Fair appeared to have taken on the heavy gloating burden, crossing his arms over his chest and smiling cockily.

“Actually, I have not had the pleasure of viewing it, though I was told it was quite… sharp,” Adrian said politely.

“Well you’ve no doubt heard of Cloud,” Zack gestured to the blond

“Another thing I have no had the pleasure of… But I am positive you’ve heard of me. I may have seen this statue. Shortly before I slammed into it, melted it and caused it to explode. And… Xehanort told me I also got stabbed by it as well. It went with the multiple broken bones and severe internal bleeding.” He smiled as he waited for it to dawn on them.

“Wait,” Zack said after a moment, eyebrows furrowing. Cloud took a moment longer.

“I am the one who destroyed the statue. I am terribly sorry, and considering I do not know the exact circumstances, I am sure I didn’t mean to. But I am uncertain as the incident left me with something akin to source amnesia leaving me unable to remember anything about myself prior to awakening in the castle. You may call me Adrian, until such a time as I regain my memories and can tell you my real name.”

This was met with a stunned silence for a moment before each person had a very different reaction.

Aerith cooed at him, making “aw poor thing” noises, which for some reason made him even more disturbed then your average barely pubescent teenage boy.

Tifa gasped and made horrified “aw you poor thing” noises, which are different than Aerith’s, as they sounded… well… horrified rather than “must fix now”.

Zack seemed to be warring with himself, trying to decide if he was allowed to be impressed or not given that Adrian had destroyed a monument, but had managed to walk within days afterward. So he settled on this broody, assessing expression. That expression was the least offensive Adrian had received thus far from the darker haired boy.

Cloud… Cloud also seemed to be at war, torn between outrage and awe. Outrage appeared to be winning but awe was first, making the other boy cute rather than totally and utterly obnoxiously egotistical and cocky. Adrian hoped that the blond had not made the connection that Ansem had latched onto, thus making Adrian his rival. Though given how slow the blond had been on the uptake thus far, Adrian didn’t worry too much.

Yuffie responded by laughing and tugging on Adrian’s black teeshirt. “What does abresia mean?”

“Amnesia. It means I can’t remember things before a few days ago, like my name or where I’m from.”

“Can you remember your birthday?” Yuffie appeared to be horrified by that particular scenario as Adrian shook his head.

“No, I can’t,” He said quietly but Yuffie looked like she was going to cry for all of his non-remembered birthdays so he quickly continued. “But, I will remember soon. That’s what Ansem says.” He left out the ‘hopefully’ for her sake, though he had accepted permanent memory loss as a very real outcome.

Yuffie cheered up instantly at that and squirmed out of his arms. He set her down as she grasped his hand.

“Why don’t you brats show him around town? I bet Ansem had kept you locked up like a fairytale princess in there,” Cid suggested.

“… I am going to agree with your analysis if it means that I have not yet been out of the castle grounds,” Adrian said, not quite sure what to make of the ‘princess’ comment, but for some reason it made him want to snarl something rude and inappropriate.

Cid sighed. “Yeah yeah, means you’ve been all locked up. Didn’t have fairytales to go with your airships then?” Adrian paused a moment to try to focus and think of something but all he came up with was a void.

“Either I as in a fairytale so I cannot remember it or… no sir,” Adrian sighed heavily.

“Why don’t we wait until you start rememberin’ before we worry about your magical powers. Show him around brats. I’m going elsewheres. See you tonight.” Cid gave a wave and walked off.

Adrian watched him for a moment before turning back to the others. Aerith and Tifa were pouting while Yuffie abandoned his hand to chase after a caterpillar.

“But we have to go home and get ready for the party,” Aerith said (whined). Tifa made an abrupt decision and grabbed her two male companions by the collar and hauled them close.

“You two show him around and be nice.” The latter part of the command was snarled in a way that made Adrian remember blistering heat and desert. Interesting.

She then turned back to Adrian, all former tomboyness gone, which really was a bit disappointing. “We’ll see you at dinner right?”

“I have absolutely no idea. I do not plan my schedule. I think Xehanort does… Or maybe Braig. He seemed to enjoy playing pool against me and therefore likes to play me as often as possible…”

“Well Braig is going to be there so he may drag you along to play pool with him,” Aerith said with a smile. Adrian nodded.

“Then I may very well be there.”

“Good! See you tonight!” Tifa said, having captured Yuffie.

“Goodbye Wife!” Yuffie called as she was drug out of the courtyard.

Adrian watched them leave as well before turning awkwardly to the two remaining.

“You going to behave?” Zack asked teasingly.

“I promise not to destroy any more statues or fountains or monuments unless they are just plain ugly,” Adrian mock promised, body moving so he was doing some odd sort of salute.

“What are you doing?” Cloud asked, sounding curious instead of mocking like Adrian expected.

“I… honestly have no idea,” Adrian said after a moment. “My body just kind of moved… I think… the word that came to mind was a ‘salute’ so that would be my guess.”

Zack reached out and used his hand to move Adrian’s down, taking his wrist.

“Well come on then Oh-Destroyer-Of-Monuments, let’s get some icecream and show you around before the girls remember that none of us know how to tie ties.”

“Actually… that may be one of the few things I remember how to do.”

“Yes!” Cloud cheered as he followed them out of the courtyard. “No girls strangling us!”

The trip down to the town didn’t take long. They walked through something resembling a canyon and then up some stairs until they reached the battlements. Adrian paused there, eyes focusing on a building in the distance.

“What’s that?” He pointed. Zack and Cloud paused and looked.

“Oh you mean the Royal Castle?”

“But we just came from the Castle…” He asked, confused.

“No no… There are two… well technically three castles here in Radiant Garden. The one we came from is Ansem’s Castle. That one is where the Royal Family lives,” Zack explained.

“But Xehanort said Ansem was the ruler of Radiant Garden.”

“The King and Queen are more figure heads than anything. The last real ruler that was of royal blood was the King’s grandfather,” Cloud said with a shrug.

“And the third?”

“The third castle? It was destroyed. An old witch lived there.”

“Is it accessable?”

“Not really. It’s pretty dangerous apparently. Now come on. If we want to get ice cream we have to get there before it closes,” Zack turned and headed around the corner. Adrian turned to look at the castle and the huge ravine leading to it. Cloud gently grabbed his arm and pulled him along after him.

“Come on. You can stare at it when we go there tonight for the princess’ birthday.”

Adrian fell into step behind them, eyes roaming the buildings and the people as they made their way toward the ice cream parlor. They stepped inside the cool room and walked over to the counter.

“What’s your flavor?” Zack asked distractedly as he pulled out some munny. Adrian gave it a strange look for a moment before shrugging.

“I don’t remember.”

“I’m going to get some SeaSalt ice cream. It’s quite popular. You can try some of mine and see if you like it,” Zack said.

“Get me some too.” Cloud chimed in.

Zack relayed their orders, telling the cashier to wait so they could order their third ice cream as he offered his to Adrian to try.

Adrian licked it tentatively before making a face and handing it back. “Ugh. Too salty.” (AN: Having tried a homemade version of Seasalt ice cream… I can say that too much salt is quite disgusting. Though apparently it was just me as all my sister’s posse seemed to enjoy it. I was mentally scarred by the experience)

“Right, he’ll have vanilla.”

“Chocolate,” Oh something new learned. Chocolate=good thing.

“Chocolate then.”

Soon they all had ice cream and they spent their time wandering some of the streets, with Zack and Cloud pointing out random houses.

They finally made it to the courtyard, where in the center was all that remained of the fountain statue of the Keyblade Wielder. Next to the remains, which where surrounded by yellow tape, was a picture of what the statue looked like before. Adrian walked over to it and looked down at it.

“I have a question about this Keyblade thing,” He asked over his shoulder as he looked over the rubble. Oh look, some of my blood.

“What about it?” Cloud asked defensively, as if Adrian had insulted him.

“If it is called a Keyblade… emphasis on ‘Key’… shouldn’t it be shaped like a key?

“What are you talking about?”

“It looks like… Like a sword… a huge ass sword. And it has streamers attached to it.”

“That represents the light radiating from the Keyblade.”

“… And they probably really hurt when you slam into them. But… it… if it is a key, why doesn’t it look like a key. That’s just stupid.”

“Hey! No it isn’t! No one has seen the Keyblade in Radiant Garden since the witch was still alive.”

“So they just made it up?... And another question, why is everyone so convinced that this Keyblade wielder is from here?” Adrian asked.

“It’s not made up! And it’s going to be here because Radiant Garden is the most powerful world!”

“Just because you said something so ridiculously arrogant as to believe that of all the places it would appear here when it hasn’t even been seen here in 100 years, it’s already appeared to a 5 year old boy on a hick island that no one has heard of in the middle of nowhere. And he’s using it as a can opener.” Adrian said harshly. “If there are so many other places, the pool to draw wielders from must be huge.”

“That’s why it is my duty to be the strongest warrior. It’s my destiny.”

“How does the keyblade choose? How do you know it even really exists?”

“It chooses the strongest warrior. And the wielder has to want to use it for good. And some things you just have to believe in.”

“Do you really think something so powerful could be purely good?” Adrian asked quietly.

“Look, I don’t know what kind of messed up world you are from, but there is goodness here.”

“I don’t know either…” Adrian said, finally giving in and tearing the tape and climbing into the rubble.

“Hey! You can’t just,” for all their protests, Zack and Cloud climbed up after him.

Adrian didn’t know what he was looking for, maybe the thing that was missing. Something was drawing him to a large piece of rubble, so he pushed on it experimentally.

“Okay. First of all, you shouldn’t be up here,” Zack said at his left. “And secondly, I don’t think even all three of us could move that if we wanted to.”

Adrian stood up and stared down at the rock, wishing he was strong enough to move it. It was under there, he just knew it. His knees buckled as pain shot behind his eyes and he heard something that sounded like growls and a click. He dimly heard Zack asking if he was alright as he reached out and pressed again, the weight that was too heavy to bear a moment ago shifting out of the way.

“Holy Kingdom Hearts,” Cloud breathed as Adrian stood and kicked a few more rocks out of the way before reaching down to grasp his goal.

Pulling, he wretched it from the ground, a gleaming blade with a strange handle, with an engraving matching his necklace. He gripped the handle instinctively, testing its weight.

“What is it?” Zack asked.

“Mine,” Adrian answered.

“Hey… you should dance with me.” Tifa said, stepping in front of Adrian.


“Aw come on. I bet you are a way better dancer than anyone else.”

“I may not remember anything but I have a distinct feeling I don’t dance.”

“Oh please, you would be a way better partner than Zack or Cloud.”

“No, I wouldn’t. Ask one of them. Otherwise I fear tomorrow will be another day of shirtless sword fighting and my mind can only endure so much sexual tension,” that earned him a blank look before one of slight confusion. “Don’t think too hard. Just go ask one of them… Please.” She took the hint and let him return to leaning against the wall, watching the people awkwardly.

He felt a tug on the hem of his suit jacket. Looking down he was met with big blue eyes and a tiny girl with… kind of a large head.

“Hello,” he greeted.

“I’m going to be queen and you are gunna be my king,” she ordered. Really what was with the girls of this place? Already looking to wed before they could speak properly.

“Well you’d have to be a princess for that,” he said gently.

“But I am a Princess Kairi. It’s my birthday and I get what I want.” Oh… so the shindig was in her honor.

“A Princess Kairi? What’s that?” She pouted at that.

“I’m Kairi!”

“Oh well okay then. But I am Yuffie’s wife so I can’t be your king,” he tried to reason. Really did he have ‘Marry me’ stamped on his forehead or something.

“I don’t want a wife I want a king,” Kairi commanded again.

“Right… okay… You need to ask Yuffie.”

“I am a princess, I get whatever I want. And it is my birthday. I’m four.”

“Oh… we should wait until you are older then. So I don’t get in trouble.”

Kairi eyed him suspiciously, or as suspiciously as a child of four could. “I’m the princess. You can’t get in trouble unless I say so.”

“Right…” Bells started to ring through the hall, announcing dinner. “Oh thank Hyne.”

“You’re sitting next to me,” Kairi demanded, leaving no room for his protest.

Luck was on Adrian’s side (the first time that evening) however, and Adrian was not seated next to Kairi, Yuffie, Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, or anyone else who wanted to marry him. At least he thought so. He was seated between Ansem and Braig. Hyne he hoped neither one wanted to marry him… What was this Hyne he kept talking about?

Dinner was boring, mostly political chatter and polite ‘pass the strange colored food that made Adrian gag’ chatter. Adrian was more than content to just sit there and move his uneaten meal around his plate, ignoring everyone except for Braig, who would occasionally say something humorous. For the most part, everything revolved around how amazing Radiant Garden is. Cloud received so much praise that, if Adrian had actually eaten anything, would have caused him to gag. All in all it was bearable but something Adrian made a note to be conveniently sick for in the future.

After another particularly glowing and adventurous story about Cloud rescuing something something (Adrian at that point was staring at the far wall with barely masked boredom), Ansem cleared his throat, the jarring noise bringing Adrian out of his daze.

“I would like to propose an alternate theorem if I may Your Highness,” Ansem said, rising from his chair. Dread settled in Adrian’s stomach as he realized where this was leading. He tried to plead with his eyes that Ansem just shut up. He didn’t want to be Ansem’s pet project. He didn’t want anything to do with him right now. He would rather be with all twenty of his potential future spouses then have Ansem say… “What if there is another potential wielder for the Keyblade?”


Adrian, I have found myself no longer hungry and I assume you want some actual food,” Ienzo stood, the table around him in total chaos, yelling and fighting and damnation abound.

Adrian scooted back, getting a pat on the back from Braig as he trailed after Ienzo.

“That could not have been an enjoyable dinner for you,” Ienzo said as they walked towards the foyer.

“There are only so many adventurous tales of Cloud’s magnificence one can take,” Adrian said trying to shrug off the fact that dinner had ended on a sour note because of him.

“That is true. They do love to praise their Keyblade candidate. As if it would be that simple.”

“What… There seems to be some kind of rule book. And I can’t… talk to people because I don’t know it… Could you tell me Ienzo? Tell me about the Keyblade and…. This Kingdom Hearts thing that everyone keeps using instead of much shorter cuss words?”

Ienzo stepped through the front doors and into the cold night air, sighing slightly. He gave Adrian a small nod and started to walk back towards Ansem’s Castle.

“In short, it is a myth, which means that if Ansem had not decided to introduce you, there would have been an argument over literal versus metaphorical. The myth revolves around four central ideas. The Keyblade, Kingdom Hearts, the Door to Light, and the Realm of Darkness. Kingdom Hearts used to be called the “Heart of all worlds”, a universal connecter between all places and people. It’s a nice idea, but it is more likely a fairy tale. The Keyblade is a mythical weapon, tied to hearts and… depending who you talk to, either has the power to unlock potential or unlock something a bit more physical. According to the myth, ‘Behind the Door to Light, lies the Realm of Darkness and in its center lies Kingdom Hearts’.”

“… You people are totally weird. Light=Darkness=heart, got it.”

“Yes it does sound a bit silly.”

“I mean it’s one thing to have your evil god tear himself in half to protect himself from the uprising people but you guys are totally insane,” Adrian said before stopping. “I think I just remembered something…” Ienzo stopped as well.

“Is there anything more?”

“No… I mean…. I just kind of said it. I can’t even figure out what I was talking about. But it’s about a deity…. So why wouldn’t I remember it?”

“Perhaps you were a holy knight or something… Now lets get you to bed before something crazy happens and you regain your memory and pass out. I am not strong enough to carry you back to the castle.

Adrian was forced back out to the courtyard the next day. Ansem’s apprentices had to work on something dangerous in the lab and so he couldn’t be distracting today. He didn’t want to play with the children so he hoped that they would let him go brood in a tree or something. He especially did not want to deal with the fallout of Ansem’s little announcement the night before.

There was a man from the night before there, Cloud’s trainer he guessed. Zack and Cloud were sparring, both far too intense and focused, the tension affecting their forms. Adrian tried to get into a tree before anyone noticed but the trainer noticed him (instead of noticing Zack’s horrible misstep there that would cost him his life in a real fight). And then everyone else did.

Adrian scrambled up into his tree, trying to blend. It didn’t work quite as well as he wanted when his foot slipped, slowing him down. He heard footsteps and felt someone grab his lagging ankle, giving it a sharp tug so he tumbled from the tree. He fell by instinct, twisting his body to land carefully so he wouldn’t re-break his arm. Whoever grabbed his ankle had other plans however, screwing up his balance and sending him toppling to the ground, landing on his left wrist.

He tried to push himself up on his good wrist but a foot landed hard on his back pinning him to the ground. He managed to twist to take a look at his surroundings. The trainer was watching with vague indifference, making Adrian’s skin crawl.

Hazing… Hazing was the verb that came to mind. Either that or just torture. Some back part of his mind that had kicked alive in the moment of pure panic was muttering about tribes forcing their warriors to show newcomers their place, beating them half to death, humiliating them.

The girls were looking horrified but were certainly not intervening, the betrayal bitter in his mouth. Acidic. And it made him see red.

He caught a glimpse of Cloud’s feet, making Zack the one on his back. From the glimpses of their play fights, Zack was faster, better at sword work but shit at hand to hand. Cloud was a hard hitter, better at hand to hand and couldn’t defend against someone faster with a weapon. Zack first, then Cloud. Almost without realizing he was doing it, his left hand grasped a large rock. He kicked out with his foot, catching Cloud in the ankle, forcing Zack to shift his weight as Cloud came toppling toward him.

Adrian twisted over, grasping Zack’s wrist as he fell of balance. He brought the rock around slamming it into Zack’s forearm. Zack yelped in pain as Adrian rolled to his feet. He brought his hand hard into Zack’s sternum, smirking in satisfaction when he felt the bones creak against his hand. He then punched Zack in the jaw, catching a hand that rose to defend. He slammed his knee into Zack’s stomach, getting a better grip on Zack’s arm. He toppled them both to the ground, kneeling on him and jerking up roughly on his arm, smiling slightly as he felt Zack’s shoulder dislocate.

Zack cried out again. Adrian took a firm grip on the other boys head and slammed it into the ground, hard enough to stun but not to knock unconscious. He wanted him to see all of this.

Cloud’s turn.

Cloud seemed to have come out of his daze and was lifting that ridiculously large wooden sword. Adrian rolled backwards, away from him, grasping a heavy stick for his weapon as he got to his feet. He ducked as Cloud swung. Grasping the stick with both hands he brought it around the slam, hard, into Cloud’s knuckles. Cloud screeched and dropped his wooden sword, stumbling back from Adrian. Adrian saw a gleam of hope in Cloud’s warrior future when Cloud clumsily picked up Zack’s dropped wooden sword. Adrian took a deep breath and started swinging, in hard measured quick blows designed to wear Cloud out, cause him to lose focus on Adrian to focus on his poor footwork, using his barely there height advantage for all it was worth. Though Cloud stumbled, that just made the blond angry, causing him to prepare for a charge. Adrian’s wrist still hurt so he couldn’t risk an angry swing. And then his body acted on its own again. He let go of the stick with his right hand, placing his feet. He reached out and fire erupted from his palm, scorching the grass as it threw itself at Cloud. Cloud fell backwards onto the ground, panting.

Adrian stood straight again, before taking the stick back in his right hand and turning around, walking away, getting ready to toss the stick back into the trees. He heard an angry yell from behind him, and the shifting of dirt. He spun, swinging the stick like a club to connect with Cloud, sending the blond once again to the ground. Adrian stared down at him for a moment, tossing the stick away before kneeling on Cloud’s chest, wrapping a hand around the blond’s throat.

The trainer was running over. Adrian snarled and glared at him through his brown bangs. “Fuck off old man.” He tightened his grip on Cloud as a warning. The trainer stopped. Adrian looked back down at Cloud, seething. Cloud’s eyes were wide, terror emanating from them.

“Guess we know who the Keyblade will choose now,” Adrian snarled. Cloud’s eyes got even wider. Adrian’s blood was pounding in his ears thump-thump thump-thump thump-thump.

Cloud’s wasn’t. It was slow. Painfully slow. But it almost made Adrian’s hand shake with every pulse. There was a long moment when he glared down at Cloud, counting his own beats between each of Cloud’s body jarring ones. His heart was beating once every 10 of Adrian’s. It was alien. It was wrong.

And for one of Adrian’s heartbeats, everything shifted. The ground was scorching hot. The chest underneath him grew, until he was obviously smaller than his opponent. It felt different. He felt good about the fight. He would have relished it even in defeat. He looked down at a chiseled jaw line and short cropped blond hair, stained with blood. And Green eyes. Painfully alive green eyes that did not fear him and enjoyed the fight as well. And he felt whole again.

He pulled away, smoothly getting to his feet and turning on his heel, leaving the courtyard. Someone called “Adrian” after him. He spun around, furious.

“Don’t ever say that name again,” He roared, voice deepening in his anger. He resumed his trek away from them, needing to find Xehanort, find him now.

He almost kicked in the door to the laboratory. Braig opened it after he started pounding. He came in, covered in dirt and sweat, stomping over to Xehanort’s lab table. Xehanort looked him over and wisely bit back any words.

He took a deep breath and said it.

“My name is Squall Leonhart. I am supposed to be 17 years old.”

And just for Humor after that very scary ending:

Meanwhile on a hick island no one has heard of in the middle of nowhere:

“Riku, did your father buy you that toy? Oh dear, he knows how I feel about you playing with sharp objects after what happened to you with Sora that one time.”

“But Mommy, it’s not sharp.”

“Honey… you were using it as a can opener when I came in.”

“I wanted pineapple and Daddy’s not home. And Mommy’s afraid of the can opener after that time Daddy cut off his finger with it!”

“… I’m not afraid of the can opener honey, I just don’t like it. Mommy’s not afraid of anything.”

“Mommy… there’s a bug skider in the breakfast boxes… I found it and I put it in the green box because Sora was going to come over and he always kills my roly-poly’s.”




Reporting From: Couch
Status: bouncyBIRTHDAY
Radio Static: Happy Birthday to me!

Ohhh--- Whaaa~~ O__O
First, HELLO to the new writing buddy. And congratulations to the expanse of the RPG!!
Thank you soo much for this present, both of you!! I read, and love every bit of it. I certainly didn't expect you would go that far back. But that only means I'll have more to read haha. Really, really love your idea of how to bring Squall to KH universe. It's original, just like the other RPG you do with the other buddy.

Now that I've seen how much effort you put into this, I must apologize for not finishing your birthday present yet. I didn't forget, but RL stuff has been getting in the way. I'm drawing something for my piano teacher, since as of next year, I won't be studying under her guidance anymore. She's been teaching me for 12 years! Aside from that, there are stuffs like getting one more job, university entrance exam, catching up with RL friends and my brother coming back from the US next week ect ect.

Anyway, wish you a happy birthday~ I'll work on your present as soon as possible! (I already know what I'm gonna do, just need to get to doing it)

**makes XuxavieR/Lindsay bow in greeting** This is Lindsay, my kid (16 year old) sister. She wanted to bond with me this summer and seeing as neither of us wanted to do math, we decided to see if we could write together. Thus far, experiment successful. Though i have lost sleep. She kept me up till 2am several nights in a row. She has crazy KH knowledge as well... Like WAY Crazy.

And i am glad you like it! I was like, okay this is way different then the other RPG. And this one actually has a name! As for how far back we went... well you'll see what we are planning to do with it. Lol. We are working on the next chapter (which is looking to be as long as this one, if not longer). My other writing buddy, if she can find the motivation, may be joining us. I have no idea. But i am SOO glad you like it!

Don't worry about my present. Put it as far down as you need to on you to-do list. Your RL is way more important. That's impressive that you have had a teacher for so long. The longest i have had any teacher was 2 years, and there was a year in between. I am sure you'll draw something amazing. And, if you don't mind me asking, where was your brother in the US? I'm just curious. Why was he here, school or fun or? And good luck on your entrance Exam!

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I now feel incredibly old, so i managed to convince a psp out of my parents and have settled down to play Crisis Core until i feel young again. I have developed a strange liking for Zack...

Anyway! Hope to talk to you soon (and get the next bit out soon)!!!

So how do you like Crisis Core? Seeing as I'm not getting a PSP anytime soon, yesterday I looked through the whole CC articles on FFwiki and was like "....fanservice!!..." :P Personally I'd pick Kuja over Genesis anyday. But seriously, why are winged guys everywhere and everyone is some sort of experiments and ... apples? I miss the subtleties in the older FFs. D:

Talking of other FFs, have you seen the new Dissidia trailer? Super cool. Squall is BADASS!! I got this from the official site's cleverly cut clips:

My brother lives in Tennessee. Actually he's not my brother by blood; he was my senior at the music conservatory (he plays violin instead of piano). We bonded over one summer in which he was invited to joined us in our family vacation. My mother kind of adopted him cause we got along so well, and he spent most of his time at my home after that, seeing as he wasn't exactly on best terms with his parents and sister. Then about 2 or 3 years ago his family moved to US to live there, so did he (didn't have a choice since he's the financial pillar of his family, and his mother cries A LOT ). Currently he's studying Finance, but he plans to change to, or at least minor in some music-related subject eventually.

Aside from that, I have another brother who was... adopted in the same way. This brother is even on worse term with his family (but he still gets along with his own younger brother very well). He's the best violinist the Conservatory has to offer, and they desperately want to keep him there, to teach, or whatever. This guy was greatly respected by both violin and piano students XD. Recently I just accompanied him in his graduation exam (university graduation), 3 days after my exam.

Hope that's interesting enough? XD Anyway, here's some other news. My mother has been urging me to take the Cambridge's CPE test which I didn't dare to dream of in the past since I wasn't good enough. I took classes that were designed specifically for this certificate; it didn't last long enough because there were only a few people who could keep up. As of now, I believe I've improved a great deal by self learning, but I'm still not confident. D: So what would you say to you checking my English exercises for errors and/or doing the same ones I do so that I can compare the results? I'm not attending any English class at the present, so I fear I might not know when I go wrong. XD

Crisis Core = Pretty. And Squall has a manly crush on Zack... I have a crush on Zack... way awkward all around. And on Angeal. He is the most manly looking character in a FFVII since... Cid or someone. I like it... Do miss the so subtle you really need the official guide+note+decoder ring to get the whole plot.

OMG DISSIDIA! I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT! One of the (127)reasons i begged and pleaded and annoyed my parents for a Psp so much. As for the image... if i were not staying up at 1 am and trying to be quiet i would fangirl squeal very very loud... I will do it tomorrow... lol. YAY FOR TOTALLY NUTS SQUALL!

Wow! Tennessee... One of those states that i can't spell! I had to cheat! I never had to learn state names/capitals in because i was always in a strange class when we were supposed to learn. That is so neat! And you have two brother figures! Wow! That is soo Cool!

And helping with your English exercises? OMG i would be honored. However i must warn you my english grammar at times is... pathetic, even if it is my native tongue. Hopefully my inability to identify parts of a sentence will not hinder you too much. That sounds like a great opportunity for you! Personally, i think your English is great! As does my sister who sometimes reads over my shoulder (and corrects my grammar). Hopefully i will be of some sort of help to you!