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"... Society Doesn't Want Us..."

We'll Be Your Downfall

"...Society Doesn't Want Us..."
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~Welcome to downfallrpg, a crossover RPG Community~


koya666~ Final Fantasy VII Characters (Gaia)
nikavia~ Final Fantasy VIII Characters (Ergir)

Three months after AVALANCHE destroyed Deepground….
Three months after Squall Leonhart killed the Sorceress Ultimacia…

Gaia and Ergir have been divided by an ocean long enough to forget the other existed. Gaia has become a place of relative peace once again after the chaos following the former Shinra’s reign ended. Ergir regroups to prepare for the inevitable battles to come; having been embroiled in war for millennia, they know little else.

Due to restorations made during the Sorceress War, Ergir unwittingly reveals itself to Gaia. The world doubles in size overnight. Cloud Strife, plagued by nightmares, is pulled back into working for Rufus Shinra as an undercover bodyguard for the upcoming meeting of the two sides. Squall Leonhart signs on as Laguna Loire’s bodyguard, still adjusting to his new friendships and rank.

The Story thus far...

Side Stories